La Yuca, a Family Tradition

by Anabel & Claudia Armenteros
Published CMS Alumni Newsletter Dec 2019 – Volume Issue III

Every time we visit our esteemed Carol Morgan School, we convince ourselves that we have the best job ever, which is Camp La Yuca. The love that we receive from current CMS students and parents fills up our hearts with joy and gratitude.

Camp La Yuca has been our home since the day we were born, but never did we imagine that we would dedicate our professional lives to our dear summer camp. Camp La Yuca is a magical space filled with passion, laughters and unforgettable memories. Through our program we foster the values of leadership, collaboration, tolerance, empathy, respect, independence, integrity and gratitude.

This past summer was very significant, as it marked our 25th anniversary and the inauguration of our new sleepaway camp, La Yuca River Camp. This project has been a dream come true, and we are beyond thankful for the successful first summer we had. La Yuca River Camp is for kids 8 through 14 years old and is located in Monte Plata, one hour and thirty minutes drive from Santo Domingo. We truly believe in the benefits sleepaway camps provide for children, the main benefits being: Boosts confidence and independence, builds resilience, make friends and develops social skills, connect with nature and disconnect from technology.

During this school year we have been hosting our new program “Campers for the Weekend” by grade levels 4th through 8th grade. This presents the perfect opportunity for kids to bond with fellow students from other schools, and to live the experience of sleepaway camp before summer approaches. La Yuca River Camp is also the ideal location

for school-led retreats, family campers’ weekends, business integration activities, among others.
We feel blessed that we had the privilege of attending CMS, receiving what we consider to be the most excellent academic and personal preparation in the country. It provided us with a solid foundation to attend McGill University, and now to lead projects at Camp La Yuca.

Anabel Armenteros ‘08 and Claudia Armenteros ’10, work with their mom Valerie Garip, dedicating full time to Camp La Yuca and La Yuca River Camp. It is a family led project in which love, dedication and passion combine to maintain the illusion and happiness of the campers. Valerie, Anabel and Claudia are more than willing to talk to you regarding summer plans and what best meets your child’s needs.


Claudia Armenteros ’10 & Anabel Armenteros ’08
with daughter Anabella